Hello, it seems to be these types of posts are a nice way to start a blog. I don’t know why, but I’ll follow everyone else here. A good introduction is always nice.

I’m T. Kaan Duman, currently 22 years old and… let me make it simpler.
TL;DR of the rest: I like computers, creating and/or making something that works proper and fun.

Recently I’m into coding. (It’s, probably, because I’ve started studying Computer Engineering.)
Currently I know, at a basic level, C, C++ and Java. Also, I make websites since I’m 6. It all started the day that I met dial-up connection, but it’s another story for another post.

Other Activities
Other than those technical stuff, I love swimming, drawing, singing and playing with my electric guitar. Wish, my days were 48 hours, so I could do all, again. 🙁 Working on it.

used to love animals too. Had 2 rabbits. They died because of some hormone injection trick by the pet shop to make them stay small forever. Since that day I never buy animals, but if I see one I love it!

Food <3
About food… I like food more than anything else I guess. I’m not really picky, but, I don’t like vegetables that much. (Don’t tell them.)

That’s all the basics you should know about me. As I post more we’ll both learn more, I believe.

PS: I love comments, do comment whenever you can. They’re my favorite, because I also love talking.

Here, have a bunny for the ending. They’re funny animals but their poop smells SO BAD!

Bunny eating lettuce GIF.

A bunny eating lettuce.

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