Nowadays I’m feeling lost. In the different parts of my life, I always dedicated myself to something.
Here’s a basic list:

  • Age 3-11  : Endless curiosity.
  • Age 11-15: Sports & music.
  • Age 15-18: Academic preparation.
  • Age 18-22: University & video games.

 I’m still at the age 22 and I’m still in the university. The problem is… I don’t know what to do. I’m EXTREMELY bored from video games. Also, I don’t like “parties” anymore. They’re pretty boring. Oh wait… while I’m typing this I realized.

My new hobby is WRITING! Bear me, I’m a beginner. I can be boring or messy, but in the end I’ll be just fine. Promise. See you in the next post!

Brain flying out of the head and exploding afterwards.

Mind, blown.

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